Hello! I'm Caroline

Sony Artisan, Community Host & Passionate Garden Photographer

My mission is to help others make beautiful images of the gardens they love. I found great personal healing through garden photography and you can too! Learn with me in my garden-centered community!

A Home for Flower Lovers & Gardeners with Cameras

The Creative Photography Network Community is the perfect spot to learn how to capture all the beautiful things in your garden or community parks. Learn how to make beautiful art while sharing your love of backyard nature with like-minded friends.

  • Learn to Make Beautiful Pictures

    Caroline believes that photography brings more joy when you are fluent in shooting and editing. She offers 70+ hours of instruction and live classes to make the process of shooting and editing fun!

  • Make New Flower Friends

    Do you love to garden? Do you love flowers? This community is perfect for finding like-minded friends who enjoy the beauty of their backyard or community gardens.

Membership Options

Free 'Lobby' Plan

Get in the door and look around our community. The free plan includes hundreds of Caroline's tutorials and challenges.


Self-Study Membership Courses

Learn creative photography at your own pace with Caroline's self-study membership area. It includes 70+ hours of creative instruction and more is added each year.

A Place to De-stress

Find Joy and Peace Through Photographing Nature

Peace and joy can be found right in your backyard! No backyard? Take a stroll to a neighborhood park and find the beauty. Learn to photograph nature in beautiful and creative ways!

Love from Past Students

Caroline has taught immersive workshops for over ten years. Learn in a warm and caring environment, where your success is a priority!

Jamie Fulenwider

My photography journey would not be anywhere without Caroline guiding the way. Caroline has a special touch with an endless heart she shares with each of her students which is rare. She is always there to present a challenging concept in a different way or help to bend an artist's soul to catapult artistic growth beyond your wildest imagination. Caroline is a gift to the photography world and I am so glad has been by my side as this journey rolls onward. I look forward to learning more be it Lensbaby, post-processing, artistic study, or anything else she shares.

Nancy Armstrong

I cannot say enough good things about Caroline Jensen’s class. I was struggling to find my photographic voice; the assignments and feedback from Caroline were just what was needed to open my eyes. It helped me to understand not just what makes my heart sing but why.

I have been studying photography for years and have taken many photography courses - both online and in person. Caroline is the best instructor I’ve had - bar none. She has it all - beautiful artistry, the technical knowledge needed to create exceptional photos, and a teacher’s soul. She is patient, kind, and giving to all of her students. Caroline has inspired a love of art and photography in me—and I know in others as well.

Joan Showers

There are certain people, and very few at that, who I admire for their achievements or their impact on others. Caroline is by far one of them. Since we are speaking of her as an artist, her skill behind the lens and her performance as a visual artist is beyond remarkable. I hope I’ve taken every class that Caroline has taught. If not, I missed out on a singular experience. I’ve met Caroline maybe three times. She has an inner glow that I bet she is unaware of having. She is kind, unpretentious, and gives generously. I wish we lived closer so I could see more of her, but grateful that I know where to find her and her wisdom.

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